carved bear's head native american replica war club

Carved bear’s head: Replica Native American style war club

Cherry wood and white coral beads.

This is the animal head detail from the pommel of a replica Mohawk, Native American style ball-ended wooden war club, in the style that was popular before the more familiar hatchet-type tomahawk took over. It is one solid piece of wood, with the ball carved from the densely interlocked grain from a branch joining the trunk, or from a root burl. This replica was carved from cherry wood, which smells just like the fruit as you carve it.

The non-ball end could be carved into a simple square shape, tapered off, or carved into an animal or figurative shape, dependent on the whim of the carver. The bear’s head detail carving had to look authentically Native-American, rather than lifelike. I was particularly pleased with the way the white coral eyes, salvaged from an old necklace, blended in like the original nineteenth century versions.