lakota native american costume

Lakota Native American Costume

Authentically detailed pre-1850s Lakota costume and weaponry designed to be worn at a pow wow celebration. Hide clothing made of antelope skin, caribou skin robe, dog soldier 'wolf' headdress made from sheepskin. Knife sheath of hand-beaded leather.

Although it’s not what you might expect to find in deepest rural Wiltshire, a couple of miles from my parents’ home is Bush Farm Bison Centre. They hold a Native American-style pow wow every year, and this costume was designed with that in mind.

Pow wow clothing has continued evolving to the present day, but I chose to concentrate on 'Old Time' pre-1850s styles. All of the costume detailing is taken from samples from the Lakota culture of the time. The clothing is made from antelope hide and the markings on it all relate to specific tribal events. The 'wolf skin' headdress, which would have been worn by the hotam-itaniu dog soldiers of the tribe, is made from dressed sheepskin. The Robe, with the traditional Native American war bonnet design on it, is a caribou (reindeer) skin.