"Miss Muffet: the Real Story"

Caricatured image for theatre poster and programme cover

Brief supplied: To produce an image that captured the essence of this pantomime re-telling of the classic nursery rhyme, incorporating caricatures of two principal actors.

One of my bugbears in life is the proliferation of badly Photoshopped film and theatre posters. One of the greatest film poster artists of all time was Drew Struzan, who eventually retired for this very reason. His work, along with artists such as Bob Peak, Anselmo Ballester and Richard Amsel, always seemed to be able to cast a very real magic over a simple movie poster, so it is always nice, even if in a much smaller way, to try and do the same with a theatrical image. The caricatured actors made a balanced counterpoint for the brooding presence of the pantomime spider. The nice thing about drawing the monster in the background is that you are not limited by budget or the physical constraints of trying to create a giant arachnid in a village hall...