Ring Round The Moon: Theatre Poster Design

"Ring Round the Moon": Theatre Poster

Image for local Bath-based drama group’s theatre poster and programme cover.

Brief supplied: To supply an image that captures the mood, time and place of the play.

Often when I am asked to produce a theatrical poster for a little-known play, the brief comes with a detailed plot breakdown, with various pivotal scenes highlighted as being vital to the image. This is almost never achievable in a one-sheet illustration, so I usually find that distilling a few of the central images that suggest the themes of the production is far more effective. In this case, the ballroom floor and high windows set the scene of the large house; the period is pinpointed by the title font, and the dancing statue in the moonlight and simple colour palette all work together to give a feeling of the mood of the play. I think the point of the poster or programme cover illustration is to capture the eye and draw you on: the theatre programme or review synopsis is a much better vehicle for a plot summary!