Corporate art sculpture

Giant gavel and soundblock sculpture.

I was approached by Country Property to make a lightweight sculpt of a gavel for them that could be broken down for transport, for display in the Bristol Museum and Gallery where they hold their property auctions. I decided to set up the sculpt with the gavel 'balancing' on its edge on the sounblock as this made for a more dramatic silhouette than if it were just resting on it.

The initial sculpt was done with high-density polystyrene, which I clad around an armature which included rod-and-socket joints so that it could be quickly assembled.The surface detail was achieved with fine twill fibreglass, then resin filled so that it had the look of a well-worn piece of antique wood. At this scale, a sculpt of something like this can look a little too 'engineered' which is something I wanted to avoid, hence the need for a lot of texture.

The finished piece is completely self-supporting, and as you can see, stands a little taller than me.