Jockey: text book line art illustration of horse and rider

"Jockey": Text Book Line Art Illustration of a Horse and Rider

Brief supplied: Illustration for a lesson on different types of movement in sport. Clip art style, also to be supplied as a black and white line drawing, for ease of photocopying in schools.

I have done quite a few oil paintings of horses, including ‘Bessie’ which is reproduced on this website, but this is the first clip-art style illustration of a horse that I have been asked to do. I enjoyed being able to concentrate solely on the lines of horse and rider, reducing them to the bare minimum. As this was one of several illustrations conveying different types of movement found in sport, it was important to express how active both horse and rider are – the tight ball of the rider with his upraised arm looks just as exhausting as the leaping and stretching movements of the horse.