Props for the World of Discoveries Museum

This selection of props were made while I was freelancing at Cod Steaks Studios, for the 'World of Discoveries' museum in Porto, Portugal, which details Portugal's colonial past through various different large-scale zones, each one of which depicts a different region of the world.

It was a long project- I was involved for nearly 4 months, and some of my colleagues were there for much longer, building everything from a life-size gallon right down to various baskets of trade goods. The images show a selection of the props that I made; the largest of these was the elephant, which had to have major surgery to turn it from the African species into the Indian variety. I then designed and made the howdah for his back along with Scott Alexander and Abi Kennedy.

True to form, I probably had the most fun making the weaponry: I was particularly proud of the longbow, which absolutely looked the part, even though it was made from mdf and would have snapped if anyone tried to nock an arrow to it!