Yorkshire Tea advertisement: giant teaspoon prop

This metre long teaspoon was commissioned by the Production Designer Alison Riva for the 2013 Yorkshire Tea campaign, "Everything Stops For Tea."

The spoon itself was just under a metre long, and was carved from Jelutong, a very straight and close grained wood ideal for model making. Achieving a metallic finish on the wood required several coats of a high-build polyester filler paint, then chrome spray paint, and finally three coats of gloss varnish.

As the prop needed to be twirled by the leader of the marching band, I needed to shape it very carefully so that the balance point was exactly central, and it would spin comfortably. I've spent a few years twirling fire-staffs, so I was able to test the balance and spin as I carved. I got a few funny looks from the neighbours while I was doing this...

The final advert can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVjiGWUhHnw