Wow! Gorillas public art

Lifesize and halfsize Gorillas artworked and with fibreglass extensions.

Around 60 of the full-size sculptures were produced by Wild In Art to commemorate Bristol Zoo's 175th anniversary in 2011. They were based on Jock, the Zoo's current Silverback, who stands more than 6 feet tall on his feet and weighs in at 34 stone.

My original design was the 'Guerilla Tourist', whom I intended to be observing the Zoo's visitors as they looked at the animals. I had to design a special steel bracket to fix the camera onto his neck so that it looked as though it was just hanging there; in fact, you could lift the entire sculpt up with it!

I was then commissioned to produce 'Hubert' for the Holiday Inn, which involved re-sculpting his eyelids and adding a night-cap to make him look a bit more cuddly and approachable.

The Zoo also wanted a half-size version of Tim Miness' 'Gorisembard' ( to present to Prince Edward, and Tim asked me to produce the Stovepipe hat for him. This lead on to the Zoo asking me to make the 2 Christmas Gorillas, one large and one small. They were called 'King Kong Merrily On High' and 'King Kong Merrily On Low' respectively, puns for which I feel I should probably apologise.

The half size version of 'Hubert' was commissioned by Darren Evans, who purchased the full-size version as well.